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Kortney Wilson, Adoption Ambassador

Kortney Wilson

Kortney and Dave Wilson were blessed to become the parents of two biological sons, but Kortney always knew that she wanted to also parent by adoption. Kortney recounts what their incredible adoption journey has meant to their family.

There isn't an exact moment that I can pinpoint as being the day I decided that I needed to adopt, it was just always supposed to be a part of my journey.

I followed my instincts without fearing the process or the ability to scare my first date off with the statement "I'm going to adopt one day!".  My now husband, Dave, wasn't scared off at all (although I don't think he took me as seriously as I took myself). 

Years later, we started our family by having two biological little boys, Jett and Sully.  When Sully was one, we began the process to adopt.  Our first placement came quite quickly but as "first" implies, it led to a failed adoption which broke our hearts and then shortly after led us to the baby we were supposed to have. Our daughter Lennox Esmee was born to the most beautiful and courageous birth mother who helped lead her into our arms just as it was supposed to be. 

We have an open adoption which has worked for our families. It has been important to Dave and I for Lennox to not only know her birth mother but also to be proud of her and for the relationship with her birth family to be a part of her life in some capacity that is comfortable for everyone.

Adoption is born of someones heart.  I think for some it starts as a journey to "help" or "save" but it's not that at all.  Adoption for us has only given us love.  Even the heartache in the beginning led to love and I have a profound amount of respect for all birth parents who choose this act for their child as well as the people who stand behind them.  Big thanks to the Adoption Council of Canada for continuing to provide support to birth families and people like us who have made our family complete through this wonderful experience.

- Kortney Wilson