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Information and Support Groups

Whether you are at the start of your adoption journey or well along your way, it is always helpful to have access to people and information who are familiar with the unique experience of being a parent through adoption.



The Internet is a valuable resource for accessing adoption related information that is made available by public and private agencies and associations. All government Web sites in Canada can be found at http://gov.pc.ca where pc is the two- letter code for the province or territory (i.e., bc, ab, sk, mb, on, qc, nb, ns, pe, nf, nt, yt).



To arrange for a homestudy, contact an agency in your province/territory from the list of Government and Private Agencies. You may have to contact the provincial adoption coordinator if no agencies are listed near you.



To find an adoptive parent support group in your area, please click one of the links below to view adoptive parent support groups by province. There are also some national organizations which may be of interest.



British Columbia


New Brunswick


Nova Scotia







Adoption Council of Canada

Ottawa, ON

T: 613-680-2999, 1-888-54-ADOPT

E-mail: info@adoption.ca

Web site: www.adoption.ca, www.canadaswaitingkids.ca


Adoption Helper, National Adoption Magazine

Robin Hilborn, Editor

Box 1353, Southampton, Ont. N0H 2L0

E-mail: helper@familyhelper.net

Web site: www.familyhelper.net 



Adoption Association of Olds and Area

Didsbury - Iain and Susan Paton,

T: 403-335-8540


Adoption Options Parent Support Groups

Calgary - 403-270-8228

Edmonton - 780-433-5656


Afro-Canadian Adoption Support

Calgary - Esther Cross

T: 403-337-3471


Battle River Adoption Group Society (BRAGS)

Lougheed - Darlene Albretch

T: 403-888-2124


Cold Lake Support Group Buddy System

Mike and Sandy Overs

T: 780-826-4202

Email: overs@telusplanet.net


Cross Cultural Families of Native Children

Edmonton - Andrea Wilson

T: 780-490-0405

Email: wilson.a@shaw.wave.ca


Edmonton Adopting Beyond Infancy Association

Edmonton - Dana Black & Pat Moman

T: 780-457-9981/780-479-5268

Email: abi@planet.eon.net


Edmonton & District Family Support Association

Edmonton - Trish Brady

T: 780-496-9890


Edson Area Adoption Contact

Edson - Sharon Broughton

T: 403-723-4517


Families for Alberta Children's Today (FACT)

Elk Point - Darlene Kozicky

T: 403-724-2216/1-888-310-3228

Email: fact@telusplanet.net


Fetal Alcohol Support Group

Medicine Hat

Alice McNeil - 403-528-5632

Sandy Stevens - 403-527-8881


Fort McMurray Adoption Support

Glenn & Louise Doonanco 780-791-7510


Grizzly Trail Adoptive Families Association

Barrhead - Aurelia Spronk

T: 780-674-2971


Infertility Connection

Edmonton - Irene Ryll

T: 780-481-6618


International Adoption Family Association (IAFA)

Edmonton - Dianne Johnston

T: 780-452-7624

Calgary - 403-270-2474


Lethbridge & Area Adoptive Parent Support Group

Lethbridge - Maureen Horon

T: 403-320-1234


Non-Native Parents with Native Children

Lorraine Grossberndt, Calgary resource person

T: 403-850-5671


Older Child & Special Needs Parent Support

Lethbridge -Anne Fletcher

T: 403-328-7120


Private Adoption Society of Alberta

Edmonton - Valerie Nelson

T: 780-441-3970

Email: vnelson113@aol.com


Smoky River Adoption Network

Smoky River - Raoul Johnson

T: 780-837-8269


Uniquely ADD/ADHD  www.uniquely-adhd.com





Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia

Karen Madeiros #200-7342 Winston St.,

Burnaby BC V5A 2H1

T: 604-320-7330 F: 604-320-7350

E-mail: info@bcadoption.com

Web site: www.bcadoption.com


BC's Waiting Children T: 1-877-ADOPT-07 (1-877-236-7807)


Special Needs Adoptive Parents (SNAP)

Brad Watson Vancouver, BC

T: 604-687-3114/1-800-663-SNAP (in BC)

F: 604-687-3364

E-mail: snap@snap.bc.ca


Sunrise Family Services Society

Contact: Doug Chalke Suite 102-171 West Esplanade

North Vancouver, BC V7M 3J9

T: 604-984-2488 F: 604-984-2498

Email: info@sunriseadoption.com

Web: www.sunriseadoption.com



Please see national organizations.




International Adoptive Families of New Brunswick

Kay Giggie Beresford, NB

T: 506-542-2979

E-mail: pgiggie@nbnet.nb.ca


Moncton Adoptive Parents Association

Sandra Perkison Moncton, NB

T: 506-387-7379/506-858-5718

E-mail: perkison@nbnet.nb.ca 



Newfoundland and Labrador Families Adopting Multiculturally (NLFAM)

Lynn Haire 27 Parliament St.

St. John's NL A1A 2Y9

T: 709-579-2272

Yahoo group: NL_INTERNATIONAL_ADOPTION to join our group you will need to go to http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/ 

and search for NL_INTERNATIONAL_ADOPTION, click on join this group.

NLFAM is a support group for families in Newfoundland and Labrador adopting Internationally or Interculturally. We have a Yahoo mailing list in which we have over 100 members who have adopted from such places as China, Romania, Thailand, Russia, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Guatemala, Nunavut, United States, etc. We are a supportive environment for families and prospective families to ask questions and seek a sympathetic ear. We are also an advocate group who have formed an advisory committee to work with the Provincial government on implementing best practices in International Adoption. We have prepared and submitted a submission to the Federal Government on Citizenship for Internationally adopted children.




Adoptive Parents Association of Nova Scotia (APANS)

Shannon MacLean Box 2511, Station M

Halifax, NS B3J 3N5

T: 902-422-2087



Adoption Council of Ontario Toronto, ON

T: 416-482-0021 F: 416-482-1586

E-mail: info@adoption.on.ca


Families with Children from South Africa




Central Ontario

Eastern Ontario

Northern Ontario

Southwestern Ontario



Central Ontario


Single Parent Adoption (SPA)

Heather Keillor Schomberg, ON T: 905-939-8441


Eastern Ontario Adoptive Parent Support Group

Fran Raven Kingston, ON T: 613-549-4926 F: 613-548-7056


Open Door Society Open Door Society

V.P. Ray Luoma Box 9141,

Station T Ottawa, ON K1G 3T8

T: 613-860-1749


Northern Ontario


International Adoption Group

Joan Martin Thunder Bay, ON

T: 807-343-9071


International Adoptive Families of Ontario (IAFO)

Irene Lawrenson T: 705-737-1341


Sudbury Adoption Support Group

Marion Elrick Sudbury, ON P3E 4S7

T: 705-673-2423

E-mail: brewmar@isys.ca


Southwestern Ontario


Adoption Resource Group of Windsor & Essex County

Deborah Deane Little Windsor, ON

T: 519-974-9016


Children's Bridge London Group

Contact the Children's Bridge for more information: (613) 226-2112


Family and Children's Services of Guelph and Wellington County

Carol Glass Guelph, ON T: 519-824-2410 x 285


Rainbow Playgroup-China

Deborah Wood Kitchener, ON

T: 519-745-6344

E-mail: drwood1@home.com




Attention Deficit Disorder Foundation (ADD)

Toronto, ON T: 416-813-6858


Adoption Resource Centre (Adoption Council of Ontario)

Toronto, ON T: 416-482-0021 F: 416-482-1586

E-mail: info@adoption.on.ca Web site: www.adoption.on.ca


Children's Bridge York Region Support Group

Rose Hickey

T: 905-853-3610


Families of Adopted Children from Eastern Europe (FACE)

Lisa Nerman & Louise LaRocca Toronto, ON

T: 416-398-9010 (Lisa) T: 416-484-4588 (Louise)


Families in Adoption Pat Fenton Toronto, ON

T: 416-487-3166 F: 416-484-7454

E-mail: pfenton@netcom.ca


Families with Children from China (FCC)

Michael Zessner

Toronto, ON

T: 416-966-2856

E-mail: dmz@tvo.org


Group for Adopted Teens Central Ontario Youth Services

/Catholic Children's Aid Society of Toronto

Toronto, ON

T: 416-924-2100 x 245

F: 416-395-1527


Guatemala Adoptive Parents (GAP)

Peter Fokes

Toronto, ON

T: 416-503-9653

E-mail: pfokes@sympatico.ca


Native Child & Family Services (NCFS)


Toronto, ON

T: 905-727-4061


Native Child & Family Services Toronto

Toronto, ON

T: 416-969-8510

F: 416-969-9251


Parents in Waiting Support Group Adoption Resource Centre

Toronto, ON

T: 416-482-0021

F: 416-482-1586

E-mail: aco@adoption.ca




Adoption Estrie

Nancy Lamoureux - Presidente

Sherbrook, QC

T: 819-822-3655

F: 819-822-3113


Adoptive Families of Quebec (AFQC)

Madame Roberta Fuller

Pointe-Claire, QC

T: 514-694-7665


Adoption Internationale Democratique pour enfants (A.I.D.E)

Edouard Amborski

Laval, QC

T: 514-661-1515


Association des Familles Québec-Chine

Monsieur Jean François Chapleau - Président

Montreal, QC

T: 514-990-2446

E-mail: gordon.barcelo2@sympatico.ca


Association des parents adoptants de Baie-Comeau Inc.

Jeanne Bellisle - Presidente

Baie-Comeau, QC

T: 418-589-6531 (phone & fax)

E-mail: apabc@globetrotter.qc.ca


Association des parents des enfants du monde (APEM)

Louise Tousignant

Trois-Rivieres, QC

T: 819-379-7604

F: 819-376-5180

E-mail: apem@quebecadoption.net

Web site: www.quebecadoption.net


Association des parents en adoption internationale du Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean

Caroline Renaud

Alma, QC

T: 418-668-6945

F: 418-668-5298

E-mail: alain.desbiens@al.cgocable.ca 


Association de parents pour l'adoption Québécoise (APAQ)

Ville Mont-Royal, QC

T: 514-990-9144


L'association des parents adoptifs d'enfants

Roumains Claudine Bissonette - Présidente

Broisbriand, QC

T: 450-434-4978

F: 450-974-3628

E-mail: tommasini.lepore@sympatico.ca

Web site: www.3.sympatico.ca/tommasini.lepore


Familles au coeur Québécois

Nadine Ouellet

Aylmer, QC

T: 819-684-8480

E-mail: facq@infonet.ca


Fédération des parents adoptants du Quebec (FPAQ)

Madame Claire-Marie Gagnon

Pierrefonds, QC

T: 514-696-0508

E-mail: fpaq@sympatico.ca

Web site: www.quebecadoption.net/adoption/FPAQ/fpaq.html




Adoption Support Centre of Saskatchewan, Inc.

Sylvia Cholodnuik, Executive Director

527 Main Street, Unit 1A

Saskatoon, SK S7N 0C2

T: 306-665-7272 F: 306-665-7274

E-mail: resources@adoptionsask.org 

web site:www.adoptionsask.org