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The Adoption Council of Canada (ACC) is the umbrella organization for adoption in Canada

Guiding Principles

Principles underlying ACC Policy Determination

The principles presented below have been presented as a working document for determining policy development in adoption. They are written in a general form in order that they may be applied to different aspects of policy development. The Board of the Adoption Council of Canada encourages you to comment on these principles and to offer your suggestions. Our e-mail address is info@adoption.ca.

  • Adoption is a life-long process for all whose lives are intertwined with adoption.
  • Respect must always be shown for the personal struggles and challenges of all in adoption.
  • Recognizing the differential distribution of power in adoptive relationships, we are committed to the establishment of equitable relationships.
  • Openness, as a foundation principle, should be reflected in all adoption practices.
  • ACC representation must be national in scope and reflective of the adoption constellation.
  • There is a multiplicity of views on the experience in adoption that must be respected.
  • Standards of best practice should be national.
  • There should be equal treatment under the law for those in and outside of adoption.
  • Securing and supporting a nurturing and permanent home for all children is our goal. 
  • Children must be given the opportunity to participate in the process of adoption to the full extent of their capacity.
  • Coercion must play no part in the facilitation of an adoption.
  • Accurate and full disclosure of information is an entitlement for birth parents, adoptees and adoptive parents.
  • Professionals who work with people of all ages in adoption must be informed and use best practices in adoption.
  • Federal and provincial governments have a responsibility in all aspects of adoption.
  • Adoption policy must be based on the best available information and data.